Help Create Our Sustainable Future!

Dear Campers,

     Congratulations on completing the Sustainable Future Outdoor Academy experience and learning firsthand how to solve some of our most important challenges!  Now you are the expert in your family, with your friends, and in your community on what we can do to create a safer, healthier and better future for everyone.

     Inspire your friends and family to join you in making simple changes to reduce the ecological footprint of your home, your school, and your community.  Talk to a parent or guardian and find a time to sign up together here on this page. They can help you complete your household profile to learn about your family’s impact, and find actions you can all work on together. 

     Friendly competition can help motivate your people – challenge your friends or family to lower their impact in a measurable way and celebrate when you reach your goals!  Taking action can save your family money and create cleaner air, water, and less waste in your community.  As you go, track your progress from your dashboard and check back here anytime to see the total impact of all of the campers in your class.

     Together we can make a difference by moving towards a more sustainable world. The future is ours to create!


Scott Harmon & the SFOA Team

Follow progress in your School/Class!

The weather is changing and we can feel it.  Climate change is happening faster than predicted and already impacting our world with more frequent and severe storms, droughts, fires and floods.  These changes impact those with the least resources first and hardest, but they will affect everyone significantly in our children's lifetimes.  The choices we make in next 10-15 years are critical to minimize the effects of the climate crisis and protect our health and our future. 

The good news is we have solutions and there are simple actions everyone can take to make a difference.  The better news – these solutions don’t compromise our quality of life, and can also save money, improve our health and create local jobs.  Working together to educate others and implement these sustainable practices in our homes and communities is the best way to help. Join the challenge and learn more about how you can make choices that will help create a safer, healthier future.